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Thread: Act 36 - Area Treated.

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    Act 36 - Area Treated.

    Can someone answer this for me? Below is an extract from R98 of 2011.

    13. (1) A registered pest control operator or business which instructs a pest control operator to
    administer an agricultural remedy shall in respect of each separate administration of an agricultural remedy, keep comprehensive records of:
    d.) the size, expressed in cubic metres, square metres or hectares, as the case may be, of such a place;

    If I put one tiny blob of Maxforce gel in a restaurant kitchen under a table, do I write down the area of the table, the kitchen or the whole restaurant as having been treated?
    There are many more examples of the above regulation, think of one bait block in a bait station, did you treat the are of the bait station or the whole premises?
    I fully understand the need for the regulation when fumigating a house, spraying an area for fleas or spraying a crop.

    We had an inspector visit us recently and he observed that we did not record on our report the size of the area treated when doing certain applications. When I confronted him with the above examples he could not answer, but still wrote it down as a finding.

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    If all you were treating was the table, putting down the area of the table would fly, I guess

    More typically though, if you were only treating a room, then record the area of the room. If a restaurant, the entire area of the restaurant.

    Volume records apply more to space treatments and fumigations with gasses.

    Ultimately the purpose of the record is to be able to ensure dosage rates are per label - although obviously this deserves a "where applicable" qualification (rodent baiting programs being a good example where ready-made baits typically don't have an area or volumetric related dosage rate).

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