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Thread: CC's and New Companies Act - Statutory records

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    CC's and New Companies Act - Statutory records

    Hi there,

    With CC's joining the framework of the new Companies Act, do CC's now have to comply with certain (Pty) Ltd's in the sence of:

    1) produce minutes and AGM in minute book (if CK docs / revised MOI states)
    2) Have to aline themselves with all regulations of the new companies act?
    3) Do CC's have to have an MOI?

    Do Trusts have to have a statutory book for minutes of meetings held and AGM meetings?


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    The alignment is really with regard to independent review and audit provisions; they apply equally to cc's and pty's. So basically; no to your 3 questions. Except that it is always advisable to minute any meetings of members.

    Trusts are another matter. If you move assets to or from, or make donations to your trust, minuted resolutions are absolutely essential.

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