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    News sources

    Amazing how different news sources can have a different take on events.

    Take the visit by Gates and Clinton to these shores right now.

    SABC2 reports they are here for the launch of a new technology product that will improve access to technology in South Africa.
    M&G report they are going to Lesotho on charitable work, particularly in support of health issues in that country.

    A bit of both?

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    It certainly will be both - for both of them have learnt to use Altruism as their lever into the world of money and business.

    If you believe that these smily "benevolent" people are here for the people as they rope you into their charity drives, cheap products and goodwill projects then you will be sadly disillusioned.

    Not too many moons ago, Bransons "partner" Mike Kendrick was in the country drumming up support for their anti landmines campaign. They have this fabulous project which would be to detect landmines via a new radar system from an airship that would fly over previous war invested lands and clean up the ground and so save all the locals from death and devastation.

    So heres what you do if you want to make money the Branson way-
    • Start a foundation called MineSeekers
    • Get some Patrons on board - first of all get Princess Diana signed up to the cause (well she already was promoting the idea)
    • Then get Queen Noor signed up - Well she also had already shown her interest and signed other treaties and the like
    • After that it was childs play to entice Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel on board for our real purpose coming later.
    • Get some celebs onboard like John Paul deJoria and now Brad Pitt (they are just for show and besides they have bucks)
    • Get some sponsors on board to pay for this trip - I mean we have to refurbish all these old airships we bought and somebody has to do some scientific research for the radar thingy.
    • Of course besides the usual suspects Virgin and co can lose some money doing charity stuff.
    • Go around the world and drum up support and get other folk to part with their bucks (thats what they were doing here)
    • Now are still wondering wheres the catch
    • One of the "partners" is called Sole of Africa.
      Here's some words from that site per Mike Kendrick
      While Mineseeker will liberate land designated as mined, it will not stop there. We have introduced the ‘Sole of Africa’ campaign to make sure that the land is used to grow crops, feed the local population and, importantly, to empower the people. We intend to take the land and form a cooperative, dividing the land into small farm units. This cooperative will teach the local population to, sow, grow, harvest and sell the produce. We have formed an association with leading not-for- profit organisation including ‘Feed the Children’ and The International Youth Foundation and will provide a ‘Foster Management’ to create a workforce and training to farm the land and sustain the development.
      We have identified Mozambique and Angola as two areas of outstanding need and will concentrate on those areas until the project is completed.
    • "We intend to take the land" Mozambique? - Hang on Machel ...Ah got it........
    • In addition to obtaining the rights to various pieces of prime land they will promote farming and take "royalties" from produce.

    Great hey - we get land, rights, farming income from the locals who are only too happy to have been saved (and now don't know who they are really working for), they do all the work and we take all their profits and we also get to play in fancy airships and look important all the time........and all those fancy smancy people paying for what they believe that we believe in.

    Look at the sites

    One other thing you will notice.......The project has been in operation for over 10 years - The airship thing is still a simulation and has not been flown on any mission yet. The Radar thingy is still a maybe from feasilbility studies concluded in 2000.

    Oh...and the latest news from their site....
    The Mineseeker Foundation is a not for profit organisation established to:
    5 Enable immediate release of the estimated 80% of land currently classified as mined, but which in fact contains no mines or other unexploded ordnance
    6 Release wrongly classified land through survey in order to encourage economic growth and stability
    So we are getting there - we have identified the land that we are going to grab and the UN says its OK and we do not have to launch this airship and as for radar ...well we are flying low underneath it now so we do not need that either. In addition it appears we have these AIDs swabs and other stuff that has nothing to do with mines but we will do something anyway because we actually have done nothing to look like we have earned our bucks for the past 5 years.

    How do I know all this? I met Kendrick and asked the questions and never got a real answer except for a statement that "there is no such thing as an altrusitic person".

    If you were wondering what Branson is doing here....well he is crashing into the SA business world, cashing in and doing what he does best....smiling all the way to the bank. Clinton - now he's just trying to get away from his wife and it is rumoured (well I am starting it here) that he is still looking for Monica who works under cover in a cigar bar in Maseru.

    And why is his company called Virgin......well I think its because he believes thats what all the sheeple are - naive virgins ready Madonna says 'for the very first time.

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