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Thread: Aside from visability, what are other benefits of your Web Site?

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    Aside from visability, what are other benefits of your Web Site?

    A Web Site is at the core of any Internet Presence Solution - promoted properly, it make you visable - but what are the other benefits of haveing a Web Site for you?

    A benefit I get from my Web Site is that it show cases my work to new and potentail customers
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    Hello Solveb,

    We get so many benefits from the Web Sites.

    Few of them are,

    1) It create a Global Present of the Brand,
    2) A website provides an instant visual presentation.
    3) A website is always available.
    4) A website can target each visitor specifically.
    5) A website saves on printing.
    6) A website improves customer relations.

    Hope It might be useful.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    My website was set up primarily as a lead generator, and it is working very well in that regard.

    When it comes to show-casing my expertise, I find TFSA works perfectly, as it makes visible the interaction between myself and other members of TFSA. I cannot count the number of leads I get from non-TFSA members who stumbled across my details on TFSA as a result of a Google search!
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    We have an online store which generates sales. We also get lots of leads from our blogs and websites.
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    A website is like an organism. It lives and breaths life literally. It really depends how you would like to configure your website.

    The main focus on making a website that returns something from your clients. It's a communication tool as well as a showroom.

    Ok that's the south African perspective. Now for a more open minded perspective. Websites can generate sales as mentioned above. It can also be a mobile web app. A market SA truly lacks in. You could see that as good and bad. Depending on which side of the fence you stand. Your website can also act as a Facebook app. Socially dynamic is key in today's age.

    But let's highlight some of the ways people use websites.

    - dynamic apps

    Sometimes it really helps in making a dynamic app that is vastly different and profound. It attracts people and create a hype.

    One last comment that doesn't directly relate to your post, but I feel I should mention it. Colours are probably the most misinterpreted part of a website that clients and developers are just not getting right.

    They serve as a great "trust mechanism" at first glance. In general I find new websites look dark and ugly "very untrusting " presence. If you plan to success I suggest looking at the psychology of colours and how they affect your viewers eyes and emotion. Look at some of the corporate brands to see what they use then research the colours. In general stay 2 tone with white and a colour of your choice.

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