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Thread: Firefox in Afrikaans

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    Firefox in Afrikaans

    Already translated into more than 40 languages, the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser now sports an Afrikaans interface thanks to, a non-profit organisation working to give local flavour to open-source software.

    It translates software into all 11 official South African languages, and the Afrikaans version of Firefox 2.0 is the first completed for this version of the browser. "We think our Afrikaans users will appreciate the time and effort that we have taken to ensure quality," says Dwayne Bailey, director of

    "This is the most extensively tested translation release of ours to date," he says, adding that Mozilla is "pedantic" about ensuring quality in the translation of its programmes.

    Developed under the umbrella of the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving web experiences around the world, Firefox -- which is used by 15% to 20% of South Africa's one million internet users -- relies on an international community of contributors to assist in translation.
    full story from M&G here

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    Pretty cool me thinks! Mooi Koel ek dinks!


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    I downloaded the Afrikaans version and it worked great! Thanks!

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    As a boertjie I really don't get the whole translating into Afrikaans thing. I'm not quite sure what the developers are trying to achieve. Will this be a massive selling point, or are they trying to limit stupid support calls by increasing the users ability to understand the software? Or are they simply doing it so they can say their software has been translated into x amount of different languages?

    Don't get me wrong. I love my language, and I won't ever stop using it as my primary means of communication. But...when I open any Afrikaans application, I tend to get lost quite quickly. I think my problem lies with "working in English" for too many years. It takes me longer to find things, compared to just clicking on what I need instinctively on the English applications. I end up frustrated at myself for not understanding my own language.

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    Maar dit se nie "Vuur Jakkles" nie

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