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Thread: Problems with ants, fishmoths etc.

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    Problems with ants, fishmoths etc.

    A friend of mine in the hotel industry suggested that I use Fedona (available at any hardware store) for the use of ridding those little creatures like ants and fishmoths in your home. It is non-toxicto humans (even the in-laws) and pets. They use it in the major hotels to "disinfect" rooms on a regular basis. I have tried it in my house, spraying it around the cornises, skirtings, windows, under the beds etc. and wha-la: all my problems were gone!

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    Some quick links:
    Here is the information from a local small pack distributor.
    And from the actual source of Fendona.

    It is being used extensively for malaria control locally.

    Please note the following:
    Hazard Statement: Caution
    Group: Slightly hazardous

    Handled correctly it is fairly safe, but as always with pesticides - handle and apply it in accordance with label instructions.
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