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Thread: When staff simply don't care.

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    When staff simply don't care.

    I'm having trouble getting my head around this story. Sometimes you've just got to bite the bullet - surely.
    SAA passengers stranded as crew refuses to fly

    Cash-strapped South African Airways had to fork out hundreds of thousands of rands after cabin attendants refused to continue with an international flight, the Sunday Times reported.

    The crew of 14 attendants faces suspension when they return to work this week pending an investigation into their behaviour.

    The SAA flight with 244 passengers on board was taxiing out from Washington's Dulles Airport when the flight was told to hold due to bad weather, the Sunday Times report said.

    After an hour's wait the crew approached the captain and informed him they were not prepared to continue with their flight.

    They said that they would exceed their flight and duty time limits on the 15-hour flight to Johannesburg.

    The captain, however, has the discretion, according to SAA's flight-operations manual as well as international Air Navigation Rules and Regulations, to extend duty time by up to three hours. And he exercised this right.

    Following extensive consultations, the defiant crew flatly refused to continue.

    The captain had no option but to cancel the flight to Johannesburg in the interest of passenger safety and comfort.
    full story from M&G here

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    Bad international relations...

    Firstly I can only say that the world out there has already got an perseption of South Africa that portrays us as a bushland nation.

    The word strike does not belong in my vocabulary and neither does the frase "its not My job or in My job discription".

    I can only hope that there weren't to many international passengers on that flight...

    If only people could see that to Piss your boss of more is not going to improve the working environment and if you want to go head to head with the big boys your gonna come second somehow. They are not the boss for nothing you know...

    Let the strikes and the toy-toy commence and we'll see how far this country gets...
    Carpe diem, all the way!

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    I agree with Chris, striking is not the solution, it is only costing the company more money, money that could have gone to the pockets of the employees!

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