You've got to marvel at the recovery job under way after Naledi Pandor put her foot in it with the draft Bill of proposed amendments to the Schools Act.

First we have this story on M&G on 13 May:
Govt plans to bring school governing bodies to book

The government plans to force parents serving on the country's 26 000 school governing bodies to take responsibility for poor performances by pupils, the Sunday Times reported.

The proposed changes to the Schools Act published in the Government Gazette this week would allow provincial education departments to give parent bodies written warnings and fire them if results were unacceptably low, the paper reported.

Minister of Education Naledi Pandor said the proposed legislation was not aimed at parents, but the amendments have been widely criticised as a move to "pass the buck".

Pandor said she wanted to ensure that school governing bodies took an interest in the results as they were not just there to determine budgets.

"They don't teach, but they are being made party to processes of corrective action. We are giving a signal as to the kinds of issues they should be paying attention to," she said.
full story from M&G here
And now we have this report published today:
Reports on schools Bill 'misleading'

The heads of education committee (Hedcom) moved on Monday to quash "misleading reports" on the draft Education Laws Amendment Bill, gazetted for comment by Education Minister Naledi Pandor last week.

The idea that school governing bodies (SGBs) may be fined, as alleged by some media and commentators, is ludicrous and nowhere to be found in the draft legislation, Hedcom said in a statement.

Provincial education ministers are clearly identified as being ultimately responsible for correcting any under-performance, it said.

The Bill makes no provision for SGBs to become involved in the professional management of educators, although it does provide for SGBs to adhere to departmental decisions and not frustrate these, especially where it concerns under-performance of a principal or educator.

It is intended to encourage parents, through their SGBs, to take a more active interest in the quality of education and performance of the school.

Hedcom urged interested parties to read the actual text of the legislation, and not rely on misleading reports about what it contains.
full story from M&G here
Now either someone needs to go back to school and learn the difference between n and r in fi_e, or we have here a brilliant example of deflection.

Oh yes - and just one question Naledi - In terms of this draft can the democratically elected SGB be fired by edict from on high or not?