It seems a radio advert put together by the Sowetan is not acceptable to the ANC SABC. Thanks Snookie & Co.
A controversial advertising campaign by the Sowetan newspaper has caught people off guard, with the SABC refusing to broadcast it on grounds that it does not adhere to their broadcasting compliance regulations.

But, says the Sowetan, great thought went into the Freedom Day campaign and it has succeeded in achieving its objectives.

The campaign, which is an adaptation of Martin Luther King's famous 1963 speech about his dream of freedom, decries the problems of crime and Aids in South Africa. It has been run in the Sowetan, and broadcast on radio.

The SABC, however, declined to broadcast the compelling sound bite on Wednesday, with a source saying the descriptions of child rapes, farm murders and Aids orphans were considered to border on hate speech. It is understood the radio advert was rejected because it was deemed unacceptable as it did not adhere to the organisation's broadcast compliance regulations.
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I wonder if there is a podcast version...