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Thread: What's the next step?

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    What's the next step?

    Hi all,

    I currently have an SLA with a public school. So in last month I went there & started a conversation with one of the faculty members. ( He was busy on one of the PC's while I was doing my thing ).

    So he mentions to me that his daughter works at the school next door as a faculty member too, and that this school had a huge amount of IT problems recently.

    The IT guy who currently does their network etc has recently had a stroke. So he takes a walk with me next door and we sit down together with the Principle. Start a chat, tell her what I do and that I currently do the school next door to hers.

    This faculty member puts in a good word for me as we speak, you know, "Yes he fixes all our problems nicely, good guy, reliable etc etc"

    So the Principle takes my card and says the good 'ol, "Oh thank you. We'll definitely keep you in mind if we need help again".

    Shake her hand and we're outta there.

    My question:

    What's the next step? It's been about 2-3 weeks and haven't seen her again. I'm going to the other school in this week. Also, I have to go to the school next door to take a PC to his daughter. ( private job he asked me to do ).

    Do I pop into the Principles office and say something like, "Hi, just wanted to say hi and ask if there's anything you need".

    Basically I just want to keep her thinking of me, as to speak. I would really like this SLA, 2 school's next to each other. 1 trip. Would be awesome.

    Any ideas / thoughts people on how to proceed next?

    Thank you

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    You've made contact and got an introduction. That is the first and most difficult hurdle. Now you need to keep following up. Phone the principal for an appointment. Discuss the benefits of signing an SLA and get it done ASAP. Follow up regularly to show your commitment.

    Do you have a newsletter or pamphlet? Any specials or promotions? Do not rely only on the principal as she may be busy. Respect her time as an important person. Get her permission to contact her secretary or designated staff member periodically to find out if there are any problems that you may resolve.

    Thank your contact at the other school and keep him informed of your progress. He may be able to do another good word for you to clinch the deal.

    Good Luck!
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