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    Pastel Bank Manager

    I guess for Neville,

    Can Pastel bank manager module be added to Partner version 9.3.4 ?and how much ?

    And if so, how does this make it easier for the person doing the books ?
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    Hi Martin,

    Unfortunately you can only get add-on modules (like Bank Manager) for the current version of Pastel, which is Partner V11.

    This means that you will have to upgrade your existing Partner 2009 (version 10) to Partner V11 - the upgrade cost is dependent on which modules and user licences you have.

    Then you can purchase the Bank Manager module for R2,180.00 (incl VAT).

    Be aware, though, that the Bank Manager module will only work if you have an active Pastel Cover subscription for your entire Pastel system.

    For more information on Bank Manager, have a look at this thread.
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