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Mother Afreeka Chapter 7

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The Taxi Fragmentation


Jackbob - The driver

Alot of people have all sort of complaints about taxi drivers, but that is because they do not fully understand the nature of the his job. Taxi drivers work for commision, the more trips he does the more he
makes, but even on a good day, the pay is still peanuts. His taxi like 80% of all taxis have no seat belts.

Passenger List
She is sitting next to the driver, not the best seat in the house, as it is her job to act as conductor for

Jackbob. She is on her way to a job interview, her mind is occupied with prayers.

He sits next to Hellerin in the front on the taxi. Robert used to work on a farm in Zimbabwe, he is

cacasian. When the other Robert took the farm, he was forced to try his rotton luck in the good old SA.

Having no skills and only farm education, he now walks the streets, and begs other cacasians for money,

used to buy drink, to quench the pain of his existance.

He sits behind Robert at the rear door, and is the bellhop of the taxi. He is reading the text on the screen of

a blackberry. The same blackberry that he is on his way to sell, having procured it a few weeks ago by

knife point from a young school girl.

She is a large women, who happens to have a relative in the right place, and runs a school feeding

program. She drives the latest BMW, but her car which had not been serviced in ages, decided it was

taking rest day. She is haunted by the smell enamating from the passenger next to her.

Or Samsung as his friends call him, is in the business of recycling plastic bottles. He searches through bins

and takes he find to a local factory for recycling, making enough cash to keep him in shack rent and food.

He baths once a week on sundays before he goes to church. He can see that sheila is pointing her nose away from him, but he does not care, he is busy having a day dream, that one day he will be driving a BMW. Recycle Recycle Recycle.

She sits behind Samson, she is 15 years old and on her way to school. She is crying inside, all the time,

she is too depressed for school, and is thinking of comiting suicide. 6 months ago, she was gang raped.

The rapers walk free.

The rapist bastard sits next to his victim, he is sizing her up, for his next episode, not knowing she already

is a notch in his long rapist belt.

He is on his way to a loan shark, the municipality have cut his electricity cause he failed to pay his water


He used to be a miner, but have failed to join in a strike and fearing for his life left the mining compound, he returns to the city to look for work. Any body looking for a digger?

She is a large built women, with large built legs and behind. She has a small flat belly, and one wonders how so. She works for a Nigerian bar owner, selling her cake.

He is running late for work, and is impressed with the taxi driver's driving skills, the driver is weaving his way through the traffic on the motor way, travelling 120km per hour with no braking distance maintained with the car in front.

The driver is know by the nickname sh*tface you may of heard of him. Sh*teface moves the taxi stops on side of motorway to drop off passenger Shiela. She had enough of Samu and his workmans natural body odour aftershave. The driver after making the drop tries to get back on the motorway. John Smith who is tired of taxi drivers refuses to let the T driver in, an argument ensues. John laughs as sh*teface fails to get back on to the motorway and crashes into pavement. John laughs as he arrives at work, and writes an email about sh*teface, that goes onto be viral.

All the passengers die in the crash, the only survivor is sh*teface. The owner of the taxi fires sh*teface. Sh*teface family without the taxi income, starve for a few weeks. Sh*teface finally finds a new job, the only job his anger at life qualifies him for. This is his third house robbery, and to his delight, by the irony of kharmatic fate, the man in the bed with a gun to his head is John himself.
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