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Mother Afreeka Chapter 6

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Children of Mother Afreeka

In this thesis I will argue, that Zim will never return, to its former 80's glory in a 1000 years, and I say that with smith irony, and a hope that I might be wrong.

With the dollarisation of the ecomony, hope streched over Zim peoples faces, like a balacluver, on a bank robber, going for an easy heist. After a year and a half, of the dead presidents, and our continued climb up the inflation ladder, despair returns to our homes. The reality is here, clear as day, that it will take more, then Just green backs, to cure whatever, dis-ease has infected the Zim economy. Inflation continua.

In this article I want to introduce a new term, that I see at the heart of the dis-ease and that is leadership selection. Leadership selection, is not about the ability of citizens to elect leaders, in my opinion all voting systems are flawed, even in the best of demo-crazies like given USA, where people like Obama took advantage of cognitive science(nudge) and manipulated the peoples vote in his favour. Leadership selection is more, in line with Darwinian natural selection, in that the people of Zimbabwe are trapped in a national conciousness that evolved by a direct or indirect result of leadership.

Conciousness is simply a set of beliefs, based on perception and conditioning, and it can be altered at any time. In order for me to -proof- why Zim will never be repaired, I will have to dive deeper and explain fundamental aspects of the Zim collective conciousness.

These stories will continue here

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  1. pmbguy's Avatar
    Apart from the psychology Zim is fuct, no ifs or buts. Yet it sits with so much natural deposits that are yet unexploited. This wealth literally under their feet is why China and SA are licking their lips. Now that Zim is so weak others move in and secure those recourses through cheap contracts. This undermines the notion of Zim ever having a strong self determining Legitimate government in the future. SA will exploit Zim and basically make it its bitch, China barking some orders here and there. The longer this goes on for the worse things get for Zim. Now I would prefer a Legitimate Zim, but this probably wont happen, so I do share your pessimism towards their future prospects, especially Legitimacy and Self-determination.