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Mother Afreeka Chapter 3

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Mother Afreeka Chapter 3


Freedom Fighter

Khumbulani was a man of no means. His days were houred and numbered, soon he was to be a man on the street. It was not so much that his life when to the dogs but more like the dogs came looking for him. In a country with only 10% percent of the population in formal employment, one could almost understand his situation. One could almost empathize with him, but not wholly cause Khu was in the deepest darkest hell of man made poverty, a place men snake fear to tread. Fires burned eternally in his mind, and no thoughts were his own, and even the feeble attempts to control his mind to find a moment of zen peace failed him.

You might be wondering how the 90% of the population live? They simply earned their keep in the Goverment controlled black Market, living their lives like animals on a farm, no insurance illusions, no savings, taking each days toll as it came. Khu had dabbled in the black market, helping the Goverment buy the inflows of US dollars sent in from the exiles to help loved ones they had not seen in years. How could Goverment buy US dollars when they were broke?

Rule Number 1
As a fighter of freedom, it is your right to Govern the subjects you have won, in what ever bloodied war. Take the reigns of governing, divert all funds to your pocket. When the incoming funds run dry, create a system of black markets for you to control. Keep control of your subjects by blaming all their suffering on the ones who first controlled their freedom, let them know that you who fought the blood for freedom are always on their side(wool over their eyes), and have a GOD given destiny to be at the top. If the subjects refuse you to be their ultimate leader, use what ever force you have at your means, army, police, to make bend to your will.

Black Market 1
Dead Presidents
The US dollar will through their own printing press managed to keep a stable valuable dollar. When your currency becomes worthless because you consume more then you produce, create a black market to control the flow of the dead american presidents greenbacks. How do the greenbacks get to your country? As you lead your country down the garden path and return them to a rural economy, some of your subjects will flee to greener pastures and send the money to their loved ones to try and get them out. Dont panic at this stage the loved once cant get out, cause the world will impose some serious visa restrictions on your country, so most of your subjects will remain forever prisioners for you. Start your printing press rolling and use your worthless dollars to buy those greenbacks. (Wink) Currency has serials numbers, so print two batches with the same serial numbers, that way you can double buy.

Return to Khumbulani
Khu was sitting in his one roomed shack the same one he was going to be later evicted from. When a text message came in.

Nokia Brick incoming message:
If Abel J is killed you will recieve $1000.00 dollars

: Number with Held

He read the message over and over wondering if is tormented mind was playing games with him. He knew an Abel J. Abel was known around these shacks, as some kind of preacher against the mighty honourable leader.

Black Market 2
With the millions of Greenbacks you will acquire, bring in a few thousand liters of Fuel. Nice little black market earner. Remember that at some stage a few will begin to oppose your rule, so use some of your greenbacks to buy some votes, but more importantly, always remember the following, create an illusion of demo-crazy with the following knowledge.


Khu sat on the hard dusty floor staring into a space between to atoms, looking directly at the anti-matter, when you cell phone rang with the battery low nokia ringtone. It was Ju on the phone, the local gossip, or the journalist as his used to like to call himself. He informed Khu that Abel had been beaten to death. Khu in shock cut the call, he then checked his cell phone wondering if the message offer was still there. His mind began to race like runner on blades, he wondered if perchance he had done it. Had he left his shack, and put the boot and fist to Abel. He managed to find a thought of his, and checked the time of the message and the time of the call, barely five minutes apart. He smiled with relief and looked up and thanked GOD. Suddenly there was a rustle at his door, in fear in curled into a corner, looking out of the edge of his eye his noticed someone had slipped an envelop under his door. He opened his door but there was no one around. So he proceeded to open the envelop and found a $1000 dollars inside.

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