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MOther Afreeka Part 2

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Her sister Teressa died at the tender age of 17 from a dreaded virus called HIV, this virus had ate at her sisters immune system, and by the time is was done with her she looked very much like the starving kids in etheopia shown so often on tv to promote a concert called LIVE AID. At 17 Teressa's only legacy, only glimpse to the world of her existance, was her son Jabu who was 3 years at her time of death. Her sister took the role of mother, carer, comforter, provider of love for Jabu . Amai Jabu had long vowed never to have kids of her own, for she feared men, and feared what virus she might get from them. Being an A level student at the time Amai Jabu was aware, very aware that mankind faced many viruses, she had written about the other virus more dangerous then the HIV in her dairy when she was still at school.

[I]Extract from Amai Jabu's Diary
Dear Diary

A game within the game
Of late I have being able to observe that mankind is not only plagued by viruses that attack the cells in the body, but there are viruses of a much devious and dangerous nature, that take control of the human mind. One such virus is the Corruption virus, which gets hold of the human mind, turns it and twist it like the snake did to Eve. Once the virus sets in the human is no longer in control of his mind, and the mind is driven and steered its course and path of life by greed. The human then begins to bend the laws, to ignore the rules of control. While this virus infects most countrys of the world, it like the HIV virus is prevelent in Africa. People of power succumb to this virus very easy, and it shapes them and molds them, they then become lairs, selfish, horrid, and inflict with their greed untold suffering and death on the people who put them in the position of power. As the virus takes control of their minds they begin to show signs of power drunkeness, like come election time, they make promises to the people who gave them power that they never keep. They become experts at playing with peoples emotions, dividing humans in to seperate groups to create divisions. The very things they promise are things which the greed will then take for itself. They then become busy taking and stealing wealth and stop doing the Job they were put in power to do, and this causes the countrys to crumble, and as the country begins to crumble and suffering increase for the people, the virus then spreads to all the people. [/I]

Friday night arrrived in the shacks the way it always does, with an increase in the volume of peoples voices, usually the men who had worked a hard week, and now were ready to fool themselves into drinking thinking that was the only way to deal with the problems of their lifes. The problems as you know were many, school fees, no lights, queing for water, food, and horrible bosses. Torkolo arrived in his E class Mercedes to collect his rents, his first port of call was always Mama Lulus shabeen as here he was sure to find many men who would rather spend their money on cheaps wines then pay they rent, and also it gave him a chance to have some wine of his own. Torkorlo loved the wine for it fed his heart with guts, and removed his empathy for the humans renting his land. With the wine in his blood he felt no pity for people for those who had no money for rent, like later that night he would find was the case with william mutas, a shona man who sold sunglasses at the traffic lights. William had had a bad week of selling and when tried to ask Torko for more time to pay is weekly rental, Torko made like his was deaf, and set fire to Wills shack. This set a good example to the others tenants who did not have rent money, as on hearing what happened to william they immeadatly began to pack their belongings and move to the shacks near Raigga Park.

After Torko collected all his rents his final port of call was to Amai Jabu's shack. Apart from his taste for wine Torko had a taste for young women, and this friday he wanted a taste of Amai Jabu. He policed knocked on her shack, the loud thud thud, woke Amai jabu from the little zen world she had going on while she concentrated on cooking the pup. When she opened the wire she used to lock the shack door she was shocked to see Torkolo standing there, as she remembered she had paid him the rent. She prayed to God this was not one of his drunken fridays where he willy nilly threw out some tenant on a whim.

But when she looked at this devils smiling eyes, the butterflys in her stomach began to dance with fear.

[I]Dear Diary

All men are evil
"what do you want ?" she asked in a disturbed tone.
"that is no way to greet a guest" responed the short monstor

Tokorolo forced his way passed her into the shack. She stood at the door like the statue of David, her head big with fear, looking down at tokorlo who made himself comfortable on the matress.

"What do you want?" she asked him again. He ignored her and put his hand in his pocket pulled out some money and gave it Jabu, who was sitting in the corner playing games on his mothers cellphone. " Young man, go and buy some sweets, dont go to the near tuck shop, go the the one by Mama Kada"

Jabu got up in a hurry, it had been a few years since his last sweet. As soon as jabu left, Torkorlo said to the Amai Jabu. " You know there are other kinds of rent you have to pay in life!" Amai Jabu knew where he was going with the conversation. Tears began to role down her eyes. " I am a christain I do not do those kinds of things!' she said as the crocodile tears rolled down her chick.

Torkolo forced this new rent out of her, when he was done collecting, he threw 100 rand at her face and said get the boy some new shoes.

[I]Dear Diary
Am I dead

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