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The South African Problem?

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[B]Building a Country on Hate![/B]
There's no escaping it, no denying hate, for we all know,without hate South Africa would not exist. It is hate that created us, hate that connects us, hate that pulls us, hate that guides us, hate that drives us, hate that binds us, it is hate that defines us.

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Human perception is a strange thing, we focus so often on closed doors, not seeing that the walls have fallen down. Here is a clear picture of south africa below, and how the human mind works, the picture is not clear full of all the fuzzy problems we face everyday. But when one takes their mind and focus only on the center all other problems fade away. Are you focusing on the problems in your life? Or or you focusing on solutions?

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  1. Blurock's Avatar
    I can not agree that South Africa was built on hate. Yes, we have had conflict, as we will continue to have. People have different views and needs, but in the end we resolve our differences. Do not let the politicians (or poor reporting in the media) fool you, rather listen to the people on the ground.

    I grew up in this country and I have met and have made friends with many people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions. Because I have never been politically motivated, I have been ignorant and naive. At the height of the Soweto riots I went into townships to repossess people's furniture (not in Soweto though). Never once have I been threatened or confronted.

    I have been to farms where all the workers come to the main house in the evening to pray together. Where the farmer pays for the children's education and take the sick to the hospital in town.

    I have been to factories where there was abuse from management and workers, but I have also been to factories where everyone work together as a team for the better of the whole group. Entrepreneurs from all cultures work together and become partners in business, black and white. Our sports teams have heroes from all backgrounds.

    There is still a lot of goodwill in this country. As long as we treat EVERYONE with respect and fairness, I believe we can move forward with confidence, knowing that we are working towards a better South Africa for all.
  2. Dave A's Avatar
    Well said Blurock.
  3. alettacfbucknall's Avatar
    ok my husbands medical aid refuses to supply ulcer meds but the despensing black doc he has now supply that same meds and they pay him fully within 12 hours but the white drs have accounts outstanding for 2 years now so how now
  4. alettacfbucknall's Avatar
    my sis applied for relief for electricity as she have just over a thousand rand left after traveling and her hubby hardly ever pay the maintanance 1 ok it the other decline it she is again without elec and water for the past 2 weeks and every one that comes and inspects charges 120 per document but they write millions off in khutsong so