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Meditation the Way

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[FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4]The way of Meditation[/SIZE][/FONT]

Trying to learn the art of meditation can be complex or easy depending on the mind that teachers it. Many people fail at meditation because they are told that they need to empty their minds, a some what impossible task. The truth is that meditation is an emptying of the mind and bringing it to focus on the moment. [B]

Why Meditate?[/B]
The body and the mind are in a dance called life, [URL=""]the body[/URL] can affect the mind, and the mind can affect the body, meditation simply helps one relax and control the mind. The mind can make heaven of hell or hell of heaven, and with meditation and mind control through meditation we learn to be in the present moment of peace.
How to meditate?[/B]

Find a quite place, ly down or sit in a chair. Now simple concentrate on your breathing, as you breathe in, say to yourself, "breathing in", and when you breath out, "breathing out". The only words in your mind will be the breathing in and breathing out. As a beginner you will find that your mind starts to wonder, so for instance lets say your mind wonders to a problem you had at work, when the problem arises keep your mind in the present moment, and simply say in your mind the emotion the problem brings about in you. So lets say it is anger, say to yourself over and over "anger; anger" till the feeling subsides, and then take your mind back to the "breathing in" "breathing out". And continue to do the same for every wonder your mind takes. Trying not to get into debates with yourself, as in when you thinking about the work problem, just observe what your mind does then say in your mind the feeling that the thought in your head is bring on in you, then when reading bring the mind back to present moment, "breathing in" "breathing out" .

So all we are doing simply learning to control our wondering minds and beginning to see that the many thoughts in our head are not of our choosing, and thus learning to choose our own thoughts, and not thoughts that bring on bad emotions. We also learn to focus the mind on what we want to focus the mind on.

To understand more clearly where is this mans mind?

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