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Depression Cure

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  1. Citizen X's Avatar
    A John Lennon moment? When I first seen your blog post on our usual homepage, it said, ‘depression cure,’ I had a John Lennon moment! I figured, sure it says so, but when you go to that site, it may well do the opposite! You see in 1966, John Lennon went to the Indica Gallery, that is where he met Yoko for the first time. His first encounter with her was her passing him a card that said , ‘ breathe,’ It was however her ‘ceiling painting,’ that drew his attention. You were presented with a ladder and encouraged to climb up the ladder. At the top, there was a magnifying glass which you had to look through. In Lennon’s own words, ‘I thought I would get the message of F You, and I would have immediately left, but instead it said, ‘YES,’ and he decided to stay and well the rest is musical history….
  2. vieome's Avatar
    I like Yoko's art, I like most of the avantgarde art.