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IT reality

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Beware: Information technology always does less than they said it would, takes longer, costs more and soon needs replacing.

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  1. Dave A's Avatar
    Just testing the blog system?
  2. OnlineMarketing's Avatar
    A brief but fair comment, the millenium bug that never happened created a huge excess capacity in the IT industry as the world had geared up for it with every man and his dog wanting a piece of the pie, then when it didn't happen the IT industry reinvented itself and a huge amount of nonsense hardware and software was created to sell mainly to the big corporates. That's not to say that there isn't a steady flow of stunning innovation going on as well but i think the worldwide IT industry is as bloated as governments and civil service regimes. The latest fad of iphone apps(the majority are terrible) has recruited some of the bloat unfortunately.
  3. nadib's Avatar
    Have you tried mainframe?