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Why so ssserious?

Are you a winner?

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I heard a very inspiring view yesterday: "What was the first race you ever won?" Gosh, my mind started flipping through events of yeeeaaars gone by to answer that question. After about a minute of silence, except for the occasional "erm" and "I'm not sure", he gave up the answer... CONCEPTION!

Can you even imagine the odds of winning a race of that magnitude? What an awesome achievement! I was (and you yourself were) one entry in a race where millions participated, and I came first. So did you!Our prize for being the best? Life. Second prize (and every other contestant for that matter)? They would never ever become human beings.

Come on, you have got to be feeling pretty good about yourself right now! But if you haven't won any subsequent race since then, ask yourself why. I bet the odds in every other race you have competed in, were far better than the odds stacked against you during your first race. The defferentiating factor, I imagine, would be the baggage you've picked up along the way. [I]You the sperm[/I] had no baggage, just a will to survive. [I]You the human[/I], perhaps drags around suitcases filled with a little bit of self-doubt, a couple of insecurities, one or two fears, a few memories of failure, etc. Well, isn't it obvious that the one with the least baggage will run the fastest? So throw down those friggin suitcases, and start running!

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Updated 08-Aug-11 at 06:25 PM by mother



  1. Mark Atkinson's Avatar
    Haha, thanks for this... errmmm... inspirational post, mother.

    I'll bet there's a whole bunch of readers feeling mighty proud of themselves and throwing down their "friggen suitcases" now!
  2. mother's Avatar
    "Run, Forest, run!"

  3. Perform Computers's Avatar
    I wouldn't say I was the fastest, I just had the map which took me half the time to get to the finish line.
  4. adrianh's Avatar
    If only it was so simple.
  5. murdock's Avatar
    never really thought of it like that but now that you mentioned it...yeah baby

    and yes it is that simple...we make it complicated.
  6. gordo's Avatar
    what an awesum way of looking at life! I feel like playing the lotto