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Growing Up and Moving Out

Exams done, business as usual...

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After having finally completed my last exam on Tuesday and officially being on "holiday" I can finally devote the majority of my time towards the business again. Definite relief from my side because I hated having to dump my workload on my partner for the past month while I was busy pouring over hundreds of pages of accounting and auditing notes!

It's now back to business as usual for us at Red Giant (and me here at TFSA), with us having to take care of a backlog of four client websites which all need to be developed!

Whilst it's great to have a good demand for our services, it also means that the completion of our own new website will need to be delayed even more. To those of you have wondered about our website, my apologies - it should be up within the next few weeks - I hope! Unfortunately client mandates need to be completed before we can get to finishing our own site.

As for this blog, I will most certainly be returning to a (hopefully) frequent posting routine, in between all the work, with some great new topics which I have lined up to post on. Look forward to posts dealing with logo design (a collaborative effort with my partner), web design using Joomla and a general discussion about South Africans and the Internet/e-commerce.

All that said and done, it feels good to be doing the things I'm most passionate about once again, despite the workload!

It's definitely great to be back!

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  1. Dave A's Avatar
    Good to have you back, Mark

    Reading about clients' websites coming first reminds me of the line that the plumber's tap always drips and the sparky's house always has some electrical problem that needs sorting out.

    How'd the exams go?
  2. Mark Atkinson's Avatar
    Thanks, Dave.

    Too true! Ironic that as web designers, we don't have our own website up yet. At least we've got past the logo and business card design stage!

    The exams went well in general. Just the exam dealing with consolidations of group financial statements was a real killer, as per usual! Nevertheless, I'm expecting to progress