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Growing Up and Moving Out

Growing Up and Moving Out (My blog or - for the younger generation - my blawg) is a collaboration of my thoughts on a few matters in life, business and whatever else strikes my fancy.

A lot of it may be about Red Giant Design Studio:

Red Giant Design Studio is my pride any joy. In partnership with a good friend since our schooling days, we have come a long way and learned a huge amount about designing websites and creating brands, growing a business and generally learning new things in life day in and day out.
Having recently reinvented our business as Red Giant Design Studio, we are hoping to incorporate all that we have learned about marketing and growing a business from the ground up in order to make our good business a great one. This blog will document our experiences and will hopefully be of interest to those of you who share similar passions.

With Growing Up and Moving out, there will be no rigorous posting schedule that I adhere to, nor will posts be of any particular length. Writing is one of my passions and I will try my best to write some decent content whenever the inspiration strikes. That said, it is a "chilled" blog purely for enjoyment purposes.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I'll enjoy writing it.

- Mark

  1. Growing Up and Moving Out - The new "Blawg"

    To those of you who know that this was the home of the Red Giant Design Blog until today, the time has finally come for me to start blogging officially on our own website. We've done this for a number of reasons - mainly marketing and SEO related.

    I would appreciate it if those of you who enjoyed my writing on web design, branding and small business would take a minute or two to Subscribe to the Blog. I'll be posting regularly on the aforementioned topics and I promise some kick-ass ...
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    Misc Ramblings
  2. Varsity College - Another Greedy Corporate Monster

    In South Africa, and perhaps the world, there exists a culture where large corporate beasts take complete advantage of those who feed them - their customers. These monsters lure their prey in with pseudo-promises and fancy marketing speak. Once they have devoured every last cent from him, the naive consumer is caged and sentenced to below-par service and no recourse for the length of the contract that he was silly enough to be bullied into.

    One such corporate monster is "education ...
    Tags: ethics, greed
    Misc Ramblings
  3. South Africans and The Internet

    Let's face it - South Africans suck at being on The Internet.
    Perhaps there is a hint of irony in me blogging about this topic in a (generally) tech-savvy community such as this, but the South African attitude towards and reaction to all things "Internet" is definitely something that demands attention.

    When we look at the level of web-based activity in the US, South Africans are cavemen in comparison! Although we are in the information age, ...
  4. Ever been so busy you can't figure out which way is up?

    As an insanely busy week has drawn to a close, I've taken a little while on this Sunday afternoon to finally reflect on the mania that is Red Giant Design Studio right now.

    The entire week I've felt as though I needed 3 or 4 clones of me in order to tend to everything. We have had clients and leads contacting us left, right and centre after the launch of our new website and facebook page. I've been trying to establish and micro-manage 2 different marketing campaigns involving ...
    Misc Ramblings
  5. Logo Design 101 - Part 3 - Finalising your logo

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    After having come through the entire logo design progress, the third stage is really a victory lap of sorts. This part of the process deals with the final touches and getting your logo out there. I promise there will be no more long tutorials to sift through and no more steep learning curves to climb. Once you have mastered all the concepts dealt with in the first two parts of this mini-series, this third part will be an absolute walk in the ...
  6. Logo Design 101 - Part 2 - Transferring Your Ideas to the Computer

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    Now that you have brainstormed your logo ideas, it's time to learn how to get those ideas recreated digitally on your computer.

    Please note that in order for you to commence with this stage of the logo design process, you need to have at least one solid idea down on paper. A rough sketch and an idea of what the final product should look like. This is part 2 of the Logo Design 101 mini-series, if you don't have a solid concept yet or missed ...
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