• How to find your EMPSA on SARS eFiling

    Finding your way to the EMP Statement of Account (EMPSA) on SARS eFiling is not exactly obvious. Here's how to do it.

    I received an email from SARS saying
    An EMP Statement of Account for the tax payer listed below has been issued by SARS.

    Please log into the SARS eFiling system, and navigate to the EMP 201 Work Page to view it.
    I couldn't work out how to navigate to this, so I called SARS and share this so that you don't have to call too.

    Log in to SARS eFiling.
    Click on Returns in the top navigation bar.
    Make sure you have selected the relevant company if you manage multiple companies.
    Click on Returns History in the left menu
    Click on Employee's Tax (EMP 201)

    You should now have a table of returns you have submitted.

    Click the Open link to the right of the latest return listed. (I was told to do the one for end of last financial year, but I've tested and it doesn't seem to make a difference).

    At the bottom of the page you will see a link called EMPSA. Click that, and "hey presto".
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