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Thread: Gennie Question

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    Gennie Question

    Good Morning

    I purchased a very basic generator this weekend. The reason for a basic genie is due to affordability.

    Its a Ryobi RG-950 and its output is 650w according to spec.

    Now its main purpose is to run a few energy saving lights and to use my 4mnth Old's bottle/food warner (210w) and possibly Cellfi signal booster (17w)

    Cooking will be done on gas and isn't an issue.

    Now I know this unit doesn't have AVR and have heard if you use a surge protection device, I know Ellies sell one, things will be stable enough to say run a TV if needed and plug in out cellphones, or even my Cellfi signal booster as we have poor signal in out house.

    Please advise??


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    There's a reference to that particular generator here.

    A surge protection plug might help with overvoltage but only if the generator is properly earthed, to be honest I wouldn't use one with this type of generator. Another problem especially with these very small generators is the frequency stability or lack of and there's not much you can do to help with this. It might run your bottle warmer and small electronic items, I'm not so sure about the TV though. Why don't you check with the people who sold it to you, they should have experience on what it's suitable for.
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    The other headache not mentioned is that the particular generator you have purchased is a 2 stroke, so you have to buy and insert into the petrol tank 2 stroke oil, every time you fill up, or else the engine will wear out.
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