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Thread: SARS Directives

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    SARS Directives


    Is it only me or is there a problem with requesting directives on SARSEfiling Twice I typed in all my info and when I tried to save the doc I got the message "logged out due to inactivity" . I then had to type info in a block at a time and save, re-open and type another block and save. That was the only way I could manage to complete request and submit.

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    I guess its a general time out. Maybe next time type it in word and copy and paste from there to make it faster. If anything goes wrong you do not have to retype as you still have all in Word. Or as you said save it in-between which probably resets the timer.
    I also know that some functions misbehave in some browsers, but not in others. SARS says if in doubt use Explorer.
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