Good afternoon

Firstly, as this is my first post let me introduce myself. My name is Linda and live in the beautiful Cape.

I need assistance with regard to my ex employer.

During my disciplinary hearing, which i believe i am completely inocent I was asked repeatedly by the SEESA
rep that I should rather just resign. Eventually, I gave in as I knew that my boss was going to do anything and
everything to get me to leave. I requested that i would resign but that I would get my pay up and including the 19th November 2014
and then two weeks notice pay plus my outstanding leave pay. This was agreed upon verbally, and that i would not have to work out my two weeks, except that i would have to come in on the 1st of December 2014 and hand over to the new lady and once that was done i would have a copy of my transfer in my hand before i left. I had told the SEESA rep on numerous occasions that my employer would not pay me out as discussed, as he had not done so to the a few of his previous employees. She said that he would and that he had to pay me out and that she would draw up an agreement. This was all recorded on my phone from the start of the disciplinary hearing until i left. I resigned but included all the points in my resignation letter as to ensure that we were on the same page. I received nothing in return. As I had not received any agreement I contacted the SEESA rep and was informed that she did not have to draw it up as i had put it in my resignation letter. I went into the office on the 1st December 2014 and proceeded to hand over as much information to her as possible. During the day the pa tried to get me to sign a letter that i accept my two weeks notice period money as final payment. I told her that this was not what was agreed upon and that i would rather she put all the relevant information and amounts on paper as to avoid any comebacks. As I was not paid i phoned the SEESA rep to inform her and she told me that she could not force the employer to pay me.

Due to this my debit order's bounced and I am know in a serious financial situation.

What course do i need to take to get him to pay my salary.