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Thread: Illegal Judgment

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    Question Illegal Judgment

    Is there such a thing as an illegal judgment?

    According to BLV Attorneys they can remove this
    This is what they site says:

    "However it came to our attention that over the years at least 1 in 2 Judgments in South Africa was granted on illegal procedural grounds. This must be rescinded and removed from one’s credit record. When a judgment is found to be illegal or fraudulent the debt is no longer enforceable under that judgment.

    Did you sign documentation under duress or without understanding what they mean?
    Did the creditor fail to notify you that you would be listed?
    Did the creditor fail to do a financial assessment before getting a loan?
    Is your judgement in a completely different place to where you live?

    If your answer is Yes to any of these questions your judgment may be illegal.

    Please contact one of our attorneys to find out if your judgment is illegal,"

    I have a judgment against me that ticks those above boxes such as logged in another province, no financial assessment etc. also I cannot recall such debt and credit provider cannot provide me with any proof of the debt.

    Anyone can provide clarity on this matter?

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    No idea, but if credit provider has no prove just 'invite' them to have the judgement removed before you take it further (legally, make it public etc.) Maybe that works.
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