I hope someone can help me with my query:

1) My Pastel Payroll is set up like this with regards to med aid contributions:
-On deductions side Rx reflects as a deduction, linked to code 4005 (Med aid contribution)-amount is not physically deducted from the employee's salary. Employee pays over his own med aid.
This is by no means paid over by the employer as, according to my knowledge, the code 4474 reads "Employer Med aid contribution"
2) Therefore when the employee does his income tax he will see the amount reflected, as per this "med deduction" on his IRP5, on EFiling.
3) My concern is that this amount on his IRP5 does not correspond with the amount reflected on his Med Aid Tax certificate.
My question:
Is the coding of the deduction "Med Aid Private" incorrectly coded to 4005? or am I missing something somewhere in an incorrect calculation?

I would greatly appreciate any help at this stage!