I work at a garage service station in the Southern Suburbs (Western Cape) and a few months ago our Station Manager left the firm after which I noticed he never renewed our Hazardous Substance License which is a requirement if you sell fuel.

Now I went to our local fire station as normally they just come out and issue a certificate but apparently everything must go through 1 point which is Bellville Fire & Safety. The person there is Mr Kellerman who is dealing with this, the problem I'm sitting with is I phoned this guy at least 20 times, switchboard puts me through and then nothing happens. Got his email address and he responded with the application form which I filled out and never heard from again. First time I mailed the application form was on the 3rd June, second time 12th June..

So is there perhaps someone here whose got contact details of someone else who does the issuing of Hazardous Substance Licenses because this is becoming really irritating. For our other branches it took less than 5 hours since filling out an application form and receiving their certificate