As we all know, technology is evolving day by day and nothing seems to be impossible in this present computer age. Tech experts are working hard to make sure life gets much easier, friendlier and better for everybody. And so was Lee, a graduated biomedical computing student at Queen's University seven years ago, who was determined to put his career into developing a gadgets that are rarely used by anyone. Justin Lee primary focus is to put computer into one of the most ubiquitous object in the history of mankind, and he choose cup. Its not just a cup, a smart cup he named Vassyl.

That might sound weird, because there are so many "smart" things in vogue and non of them seems to be heading that way, we've smartphones, smartwatches, smartcameras and more, but now smart cup seems to have join the league.

What makes Vassyl a smart cup is the fact that it can auto detect any breveages you pour into it. I hear you say wow! but thats not all, it can display nutritional content present in the breveages and synchronize your drinking habit to your smartphone. Vassyl is a 13 ounce cup that can detect any breveages you pour into it, takes note of your drinking habit which it can synchronize directly to your smartphone. Vassyl can detect and tell the difference between strong and weak coffee, it can measure sugar, calorie, protein, fat and caffein present in any breveages you pour inside. And when tilted to its back, the smart cup displays a bright blue line that rises and fall, which indicate your hydration level.