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Thread: advise on starting up a take away business

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    advise on starting up a take away business

    Hi Guys

    I'm new here and looking for some info/advise on starting up a new takeaway.
    The style of cuisine will be Pakistani/Indian, burgers etc.
    The ideal location will be in a local business area.

    I'm plan on doing a lot of research before I take any big steps, I thought I would start here.

    Currently im working on a business plan in order to apply for a small business loan. I would like to know what the average amount of start up capital would be required for something like this, ive been getting mixed figures between 50k - 150k

    I would like to have a small staff consisting of 1-2 cooks and a delivery guy.
    What would the average salary be to pay my staff?

    If done right, with marketing and the taste/quality of the food and service, what's the average time that a small business like this can turn a profit?

    Any advise would be appreciated



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    You will need to do a financial plan within your business plan which will give you most of the answers you are seeking.
    This would include capital costs to purchase assets to start the business and an income statement/cashflow analysis with projected cashflows over the next five years or so.
    You will have to do some costings on how much it would be to build a burger and that would give you some idea of cost of sales.
    How many you would expect to sell at what price would be based on guesstimates and research.
    I would advise talking to other similar businesses in the area to get an idea of staff costs and requirements.
    Once you have all this info you will be able to judge what size loan you require and you can approach a financier with all plans and ideas in hand to promote the business.
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    I would contact a similar franchise and get there financial projections. Then use that as a template. I am not sure whether they still give this out.
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