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Thread: How to deal with COS in Pastel Mybusiness

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    How to deal with COS in Pastel Mybusiness

    Hi All

    I am about to start using Pastel Mybusiness Online for my new start up business. However, I am struggling to work out how to process/account for the following:

    I want to sell a service package to customers with only the package name being a line item in the invoice. However, the costs to my business of performing this will vary per package sold and does include items that I would need to purchase stock from suppliers for. The package itself is a set product with set selling price, but it is the costs of performing this service that will vary.

    How should I account for this so that the cost of sales for the package is accurately reflected and manage the inventory of the stock used to perform the service?

    Your help would be most appreciated

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    I don't use Pastel, but we do have a similar situation.

    What we do is generate zero value invoices against the client for stock items used to fulfil the service contract.

    If multiple pricing rates are available in the software, you can also set a special rate (of typically zero) for service contract clients, which provides better control and traceability.
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