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Thread: A map of the internet

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    A map of the internet

    What is the global distribution of active computers on the internet?

    About the best indication available at the moment - This Is the Most Detailed Picture of the Internet Ever (and Making it Was Very Illegal).
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    Data pipelines may be random for data but physically they stay fixed trough the use of massive servers, network and the like. Truth is your main hardware “server farms, network routers the size of a large building is where your tracking packet “Black packet gets to figure out where the hell it must go” Now if you know your data bus this gets easy...

    Now the “random” part of the net is much like you driving a car from one city to the next. You want the fastest way there. Now the fastest is relative in the computer network. Fast means the pipe with the biggest bandwidth and low amount of busses. So your little data bus runs around looking for exactly that. Once it founds it your send and receive packet goes out tell the other busses “hey this pipe line rocks” and they will follow creating a virtual pipe within the pipeline.

    Now that is where pipe allocation comes in a very nice technology that allows you to allocate what gets trough and how much of the pipe gets uses. Really cool stuff.

    Now imagine the complexity of generating that map! Now I am actually or rather use to be a Network specialist. That is close to jaw dropping... well it basically is jaw dropping.
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    Wow that puts things into perspective

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualcomms View Post
    Wow that puts things into perspective
    LOL ... don't worry - you will see a lot of those kind of statements

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