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Thread: Law of Prescription

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    Law of Prescription

    What is the period relating to the Law of Prescription? Is it three years?

    I have just had a call from some law firm, demanding that I settle an outstanding amount owing on a Woolworths Visa Card that I closed more than three years ago. Since then I have never been sent any written demands/statements, nor have I admitted any liability on my part.

    I feel that this law firm is taking a chance and they are hoping that I will acknowledge the debt.
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    Three years for such debt.
    Tell them where to get off.

    Search for Vanish thread on prescription and send them letter.
    Just thereof is that the debt has prescribed, leave me alone, and if you proceed I will raise prescription as a defence.
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    Here's that thread on how to claim prescription.

    Also - here's Anthony's post from some time ago on the different periods to prescription.
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