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Thread: I'm an illegal Immigrant!!!

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    I'm an illegal Immigrant!!!

    I confess to being an illegal immigrant. After 24 visits to home affairs Spring, a chest xray, a full medical,police reports from here and the UK, half a rain forest worth off paper work (360 sheets, 120 x 3 certified by the police which they will only do for a 2 litre coke. This gives home affairs 3 chance to loose my papers, which I think they have) I am now officially illegal. All I want to do is extend my skills quota visa but this seems an impossible task for those at home affairs. I will carry on working illegally, sorry but I have no choice and seeing as I'm not supposed to be here I won't pay tax. Home affairs know more about me than my own mother. Never mind. TIA. Thanks home affairs you useless *&^%^&*((&& F&^&*((*& &^^& ((&& ^%%, another criminal....

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatingsparks View Post
    and seeing as I'm not supposed to be here I won't pay tax.
    I'd keep my fights down to one at a time, especially seeing as the tax man is a tad more efficient (and ruthless) than home affairs.
    The trouble with opportunity is it normally comes dressed up as work.

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    If you applied for renewal before expiry and have receipt then you are not entirely illegal.
    Anthony Sterne
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