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Thread: The Ultimate Secure Money Transfer By Sage

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    The Ultimate Secure Money Transfer By Sage

    With security factors affecting the easy distribution and disbursement of cash physically in South Africa and across the world, Electronic transfer of money is now the most secure, fast and reliable means of transferring funds.

    It is because of the above need that Sage stepped into the market to fill that business void by providing customers with one secure and easy to use account and access to over 20 services.
    The comprehensive and secure Sage Netcash provides a secure cash transmission platform through debit order collections, EFT payments, credit card gateway and credit and risk management.
    The Sage debit order collections enables businesses to collect money from customers, members or subscribers automatically and electronically. These debit orders can be processed on any workday excluding public holidays. Sage Netcash is the only service that will allow you to lodge debit orders from bank accounts as well as selected credit card accounts.
    The EFT payments service is meant to reduce company costs associated with EFT payments. This is a platform meant for processing salary and creditor payments by companies.
    Credit Card Gateway enables businesses to easily direct credit card transactions from their web site or shopping cart to the sage Netcash payment webpage. This service can be set up without additional programming.

    Credit and Risk management enables customers to obtain credit and risk management data using latest technology from credit bureaus.
    The Sage Netcash merchant account registration procedure is completed online without any lengthy approval times and service implementation can be done in hours and the service agreement has no binding time frames, which means a client can cancel anytime they feel like without incurring fees or penalties.
    What is even more gratifying to note is that clients can enjoy a 60 days service evaluation period, if during this period a client is not happy with the service which is a rare occurrence at Sage, they can request the termination of the service and they will receive a refund of the account set up fees.

    The Sage Netcash solution is indeed the secure way to transfer money.
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