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Thread: Business opportunity from the UK

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    Business opportunity from the UK

    Hi all, I'm completely new to forums of any kind but decided to step out of my comfort zone to share with you all my story.

    I was introduced to a health & wellness company called Forever Living and it has changed my life, without sounding dramatic, financially and health! At first it all sounded too good to be true-learn the products, love the products, retail a bit and recruit a bit. I retail and recommend a range of aloe Vera and bee pollen based products, we are a 35yr old American company (I'm in the uk) and the worlds leading grower of aloe. We have won government awards-investors in people Gold award and are a champion award company. So I decided to give it my all and see what happens......

    My 80yr old nan suffering with osteoarthritis has noticed considerable ease of her joints, she drinks the gel & takes arctic sea.
    My jack Russell dog no longer suffers with itchy skin and her hairs grown back on her tummy, she drinks the gel.
    My terrible pmt since having my 3rd child has completely gone, I drink the gel and take multi-maca tablets.

    I was completely blown away by our results I started to talk, I now mentor and support a strong team of 16 people that all individually are growing their own businesses. One of these people is a professional sports coach as 7 of our products are HFL sports science approved (anti doping).

    Your income opportunity is uncapped, you are rewarded time and time again by the company- bonus, car plan, world travel. You could purely retail and earn 200-400pcm or take that step (that came very natural to me) and be a team builder earning 2000-15000pcm and more.

    Please get in contact to discuss anything xx

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    I am going into this kind of business when i have worked wonders on my blogsite. I am not good at going to people and selling physical products.

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