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Thread: Your browser - Never Save your passwords!

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    Your browser - Never Save your passwords!

    So you think your browser is "secure"? Not if anyone else can use it, or even if some malware happens to infect your PC. Most tech-savvy guys would consider this to be "obvious", but here goes: Never, ever ever ever ever ... ever in the rest of time, throughout the last gasps of the univers ... dit I say ever? .... allow your browser to save your login credentials to ANY site. Chances are that you'll use similar (if not the exact same) password for your banking details as you do for stuff like twitter - which you "should" also NOT do, but let's face it with the most used password being "password" or "123456" or some variant of those, clearly most people would go with one-pass-for-all.

    Now, if you do have only the one password ... why would you even consider saving that into your browser? It's not as if you're going to have difficulty remembering it. And since ALL browsers are ridiculously easy to crack into their password stores, once you've saved it it's as if you wrote it down on a post-it note stuck to your screen. E.g.

    So of the 5, only IE & Opera doesn't have a view passwords built-in option. Though all of them are easily readable by any number of little routines / programs. Even direct from a web site:

    As for avoiding the need to remember passwords, see my next post.

    So if this doesn't scare you from ever clicking on that "Remember my login" button, you've obviously not got much to keep secret
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    i have grown accustom to lego passwords for some time now
    passwords you dont use is found in movies like matrix is fluffing useless
    accept for star wars because you cant spell that $hit without wiki

    something like a wedding anniversary/your wifes birthday/
    mother in laws birthday works and you keep your goolies
    here fishy fishy…

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