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    Pastel Payroll

    Hi everyone,

    I have just recently started using Pastel Payroll again after many years. I have just installed the software and it has been registered - all good there.

    I am having trouble trying to restore a backup and I am getting the following errors:

    "The data being opened is not for the country you are currently registered for."

    "Your pastel payroll security has been jeopardised and you will have to restore a backup before you are able to continue."

    It doesn't give me the restore option so I copied the zip backup into the company folder and then extracting it, perhaps I am doing something incorrectly?

    Please help?

    Thank you

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    Hi Reane - because Pastel Payroll has changed over the years to adapt to the changing legal requirements in SA I am not sure whether it will restore from a very old backup. You might have to phone the helpline on this one. Perhaps they can do something with the data.
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