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Thread: CIPC Fees, another minefield

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    CIPC Fees, another minefield

    Yesterday I got an email from my accountant offering to charge me R400.00 to assist me in paying my R100.00 CIPC (old CIPRO) Fees, which by the way were not a part the R400.00, total R500.00.
    I've done this before. One goes to ABSA, deposits R100.00 into their bank account, waits a few days until it reflects on my CIPC account then I transfer it into The CIPC's CIPC account. Sounds illogical and it is but that's the way its done.
    Anyway when i go on the CIPC Home Page it tells me that everything has been suspended until end September because they are having software problems, at least that is how i read it.
    My question is this. There is no indication as to what amount one has to deposit this year, the accountant says R100.00 and there is no indication if the last years banking details have changed so now what. Is anyone else having an issue here?
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    Fortunately my annual returns only come up in December, but I've been getting a steady stream of updates from CIPC via SMS on the problems they're experiencing causing.

    CIPC have announced that they are suspending deregistrations as a result of their problems. One can only hope returns that fall due during CIPC's downtime on their annual return functionality will not be attracting penalties when their systems are back up.
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    I have just received an email form them indicating that I have no submitted returns since year dot, with a pile of fines R150 each, I just laugh and pay what I owe them. I had a project 2 years ago where I had to get everything up to date and sorted everything out. Today I get the email indicating I owe them since 2008, typical government organisation.

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