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Thread: Efiling - Medical deductions section

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    Efiling - Medical deductions section


    I am doing the efiling now and not sure what i am supposed to put on the section for medical contributions 4040.

    my medical cert shows the following: contributions 14770, claims not recovered 2047-42.

    my work irp5: code 4474 - 6896 and code 4005 - 13104

    Last year i did it right but for the life of me i cannot remember.

    can someone please help me, i dont want any issues with having to submit docs.

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    Hello Pearl,
    If you pay all the medical aid contributions- i.e. if it gets deducted of your own bank account, then you say "No" to the question and put the total amount under 4040. If your company pays the medical aid full contribution and deduct your portion off your salary, then you answer "yes" to the question and put a NIL under 4040. Just read the question and you will understand. Hope you get it right!
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