As long as man has walked this earth there has been conflict. This is part of our animal selves, as much as breathing and eating. This is life, it naturally seeks a balance of the best.

And this is thus our current F**K up.
Not Napoleon, nor Alexander the great himself, could confess to such great ambition as does the states.

Greatest successes, ever seen by man, make no mistake.
I am kin to the vast vast majority of Americans. They are my fellow man.

But here’s the problem. The US can’t sustain itself at current policy.
I believe it to be a 60 year foreign policy blunder with a $# year C..^..%..! ?..

Is there a good long term plan?
Do they know what is going on and using best posture?
I don’t know.
The answer is probably somewhere in between.

They do as they please with a smile and a “smack 5” for CNN. Look at the def. of a shakedown. I dare anybody to argue that past and current foreign policy of the US is anything, but a shakedown.

I read somewhere that if American Fascism comes to be, it will come cloaked in stars and banners. I hope this does not happen.

History is predictable and random at the same time. Somewhere in-between is our reality of it. I feel that there is always risk and reward in uncertainly, as a certainty.

There is still time and opportunity for the US to make a long and short term turnaround, concerning foreign policy.
This would be most beneficial to most men on earth, especially if you like living a life of planned leisure.
If the states get it wrong, then we will have to all work and no play