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Thread: Netcash and all the others?

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    Netcash and all the others?

    I may possibly be receiving payment from only from one overseas client at this stage but this may increase in time.

    Now after reading the threads on payment gateways/portals etc. I was wondering. (read thinking out of the box)
    If I can now open an account with a local bank online without being there in person why can I not also open an account online in the country of my prospective client so that he can seamlessly deposit amounts owed without difficulty?

    It would purely be a transmission type account whereby all funds received would be transferred directly to my local account as soon as sufficient funds became available to allow for costs and duties etc. (say once the balance reached $200)

    My Questions are, would this be possible and would it cost less than using one of the accepted portals/gateways?

    The other sort of query is should I wish to go overseas on business (read holiday) could the cost of fares and accommodation be paid from that account?
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    Wynn for international payments in the past I have always had a account with City Bank, they are a international Bank that allows you to open a account with them regardless of your location. The nice thing about it all is that you are also able to withdraw money locally via the bank card they courier to you. For more info you can head one over to the City Bank website where you could get some more information etc.
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