One of my clients uses VIP. She has not downloaded the update in October with the new UIF limit. Is there any way to adjust this manually on VIP, like you can do on Pastel Payroll?
If she updates to the latest version, would that automatically update the UIF? I.e. with the new tax tables and year end roll over end Feb/begin March?
I'm not worried about fixing the payslips/emp201's from Oct - Feb, as this can be done manually. I just want the payroll to be correct for the new year.

I do not have the software on my PC, but if you could give me clear instructions then I can forward it to her.
Yes, I know you might be thinking that she can just call support, but this is a farming client and the telephone lines etc is not very reliable, also, she's only at the office 1 day per week.. so she does not really have time to struggle with call centres.