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Thread: Pastel Cash Manager & Forms Designer

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    Pastel Cash Manager & Forms Designer

    Hi The Forum
    I am new to Pastel Partner V11 , I would appreciate it very much if spmeone on the Forum would kindly assist me with the following:

    Pastel Cash ManageR
    Can the following Reports be printed from Cash Manager and advise on the Path to be followed:
    a)Age Analysis Movement
    b)Customer Statement
    c)Supplier Contact Report

    Forms Designer
    a)Format of Images that can be added on an Invoice using Forms Designer

    What steps must I follow using Pastel Bank Manager.

    Thanking You in Advance for your assistance



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    Hi Curare
    I am surprised that there was no response to your question, I will try to answer them from my limited knowledge.

    Steps to be followed with Pastel Bank Manager
    1.Download the Bank Statement
    2.Open up the Bank Manager
    3.Setup the Batches on the Bank Manager
    4.Transfer the Batches to the Pastel Cashbook

    Pastel Cash Manager

    Since Cash Manager has been designed to assist with debt management and to create indepth Cashflow Reports.
    There are many Reports and work screen in PCM to assist you in managing your debtors.The Reports canbe broken down into 2 areas viz:
    * Debtor Management
    *Cashflow Forecast
    Under debtor Management the following Reports canbe accessed:
    Contact Report
    Promise to pay per Debtor
    Call Back Reports
    Reason Code Summary
    Action List
    Credit Notes to be passed
    E-mail payment Reminders
    Age Analysis Movement Report
    Debtors Reconciliation /PMT History
    Credit Matched Per Inv
    Unmatched Credits
    Credit Limit Report

    Forms Design
    The most common use of this feature is to add Company Logo to forms.You are able to insert picture files in the following Format.

    Format Ext.
    Bitmaps .bmp
    Icons .ico
    Window Metafiles .wmf
    Jpeg Images .jpg or jpeg

    I hope this answer your Question. I am sure Gary will be able to add to more to this .He is a wizard on Pastel.


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