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    Read the following article - INCLUDING the full letter.

    Don't ALL we parents feel this at one time or another?

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    Thought provoking for many reasons. I wonder what part Nick Crews had to play in their childhood, not only as a role model, but also as an educator teaching them to make balanced well considered decisions. Schools don't teach kids how to think, life does (and if kids are lucky then their parents do). If the kids are really lucky then the parents will have enough insight so as to teach their kids different ways of approaching issues.

    Look, I am not saying that the parents are wholly to blame, but I am saying that they have a hell of a role to play. That letter, rather than admitting the failure of the kids, admits to the failure of the parents. If Nick Crews managed to successfully raise three complete morons then he should rather find fault with himself than with the three morons he raised considering that they were his responsibility the first 21 years of their lives. What did he teach them in 21 years, not much by the looks of it....

    I will never forget something my late father said to me: "Whatever you do just be better than me" He was a brilliant guy in many respects and he also had some serious flaws. I inherited a bit of both. At times I look at my own life and compare it to his and I'll say this much, I'm better in some ways and worse in others. The important thing that that sentence taught me was to evaluate my own life using his life as a point of reference. Most people just stumble through life without ever looking at where they came from or where they are going. How does the saying go: "If you don't know where you are going then any road will do"
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    Who says the internet can't replace real life

    When I read the letter last week, I was wondering "who the heck is Nick Crewes and what the heck is this doing in the public domain (let alone going viral)?".

    At least Phil's link answers that question for me. These things are near meaningless without context.
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