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Thread: International Payments

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    International Payments

    Can someone please give me advice on how long payments from abroad take to reflect in your account???

    Our company sold some products to a company in Senegal and are awaiting the 50% deposit to clear. The deposit was made on the 6th and the buyer said the money has been taken out from his account on the 7th. FNB said the money has not arrived yet but should have been there after no longer than 4days. If FNB is correct than either the money has not been paid infact or there is some hold up somewhere ...Any Advice?????

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    There is a Clearance Centre where incoming funds are kept. They normally contact you within a week to determine when it should be cleared, more specifically related to the exchange rate. You have to enquire directly from them. FNB should be able to supply you their direct telephone number.
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    Ask your customer to send you a copy of the payment advice. Then send this to your bank. There is a tracking number which the bank can then use to track the payment.

    My experience takes approximately 5 days, when ever it supposedly took longer,the customer never effected payment when he said he did.
    I usually request that they send me a copy of the payment, and send it to my bank, which incidentally is FNB
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