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Thread: Make the most of Social Media and Online Marketing

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    Make the most of Social Media and Online Marketing

    I run a social media marketing and website copywriting company and we work with small and large business alike. We work with various partners that also work within the field and yesterday we sat down and agreed that there were a few problems in the online and Social Medial (SM) world right now.

    The problem we see the most is companies either:
    1. Dont spend where it is absolutely vital - ie SEO, Online original copy, adwords
    2. Dont take the time to understand Social Media. Twitter is as different to Facebook as TV is to radio
    3. Expect the wrong results from SM

    SM will not directly drive up sales. SM is a tool to run awareness campaigns, that will indirectly drive up sales.
    Copy and paste web copy will rank poorly within Google algorythms.

    If you are reading this post because you are wanting to get more mileage from google or SM then here are my tips:

    1. Participate at least daily on facebook (ideally with a campaign goal in mind)
    2. Evaluate your web copy and website - the copy must be original, and the site must be easily navigable
    3. Study how SM platforms work individually and commit to what works for you - then link them all via the website
    4. Call to action - this is a common problem. Let your client know what you want them to do, and more often than not they will do it.

    SM and online is great, if used correctly.
    I'll try post more in time, and answer any questions too.

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    Hey Camstar,

    Firstly, welcome to TFSA.

    Do you do Press Release writing? If so, please PM me some sort of prices and links to some examples.
    What about external content strategies? (I.e. Writing and syndicating guest posts to relevant, high authority sites.)
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    Hi Camstar welcome to the form.

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