Hi, a contract was signed with MTN Online for the 2Gig dongle package. The contract makes no reference to any exclusions. It is therefore assumed that you plug the dongle in and do whatever you want on the net. WRONG!

An account was received for nearly R2K for PSD. Eventually it was found out that Packet Switched Data is billed seperately, as well as all updates to your PC, VOIP etc.

The way I understand the CPA is that these exclusions to the contract should have been noted therein.

As I see it MTN have wilfully omitted these exclusions, thus utilising a one-sided contract in favour of the supplier.

The consumer is unwittingly charged for services he knows nothing about.

The Onbudsman was approached but the idiot could not see that the "validity" of the contract was being disputed. He ranted on about what sites were visited according to the URL report. Even the advertisers on the magazine sites were according to him visited.

MTN also claim that they do not keep a record of the amount of traffic.

They say a specified account is available at a fee.

Here we go again, the way I understand the CPA is that MTN should keep a record of the traffic for 3 years, also that they should provide a free itemised statement.

I would like to know if anyone can advise me on this matter.

If indeed I am correct MTN will have to seriously reconsider all their contracts or stop all their sponsorships once this becomes public knowledge.

Why would anyone pay an account if the contract is illegal?