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Thread: Incorrectly invoiced, processed and credited

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    Incorrectly invoiced, processed and credited

    Howdy guys
    I hope there is someone that can help me with Pastel queries as I am having to take over my company accounts.

    We did the following:
    1)Invoiced incorrect customer
    2)Pmt received before we were aware of incorrect invoicing and hence captured to incorrect customer
    3)Once aware of error we then passed a credit note, which obviously was wrong as it had already been captured
    At this stage we found the forum and saw a suggestion to process the amount through cb receipts with a minus preceeding it.
    I tried this but when I got to the “open item matching receipts” box, I found those invoices which I had previously allocated to still be sitting there unallocated, so did not proceed further.
    This was strange as I had allocated them as per point 2.

    I also notice that pmt’s are not reflected beneath inv amount on statement.
    Is there a setting to ensure they would appear beneath inv amount?
    Offending statement attached.

    A few people make it happen, some watch it happen whilst the rest just don’t know what the heck happened.
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